Smart Modular Three-Phase UPS: The Extremely Efficient Redundant Power System for the Protection of Sensitive Equipment


CyberPower Smart Modular Three-Phase UPS is an online double conversion three-phase UPS delivering complete power protection with the best combination of reliability, functionality, availability and flexibility. Designed to meet the strict power requirements of a wide range of sensitive equipment, the scalable and parallel design allows easy capacity expansion up to 160KW on a single frame and two frames in parallel to reach the maximum 320KW as the needs of your data center grow with time.

Smart Modular Three-Phase UPS combines the integrated IGBT technology together with DSP control arithmetic to increase reliability through reduced component while enhancing the extreme efficiency. Along with high input power factor and less than 3% input Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi), this UPS demonstrates a strong load adaptability for all kinds of load while enhancing the low total cost of ownership and carbon footprint.

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